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Digital Signage Dubai UAE

PixlView is a sophisticated digital signage solutions platform to display text, video, and multimedia content in public venues for informational, advertising, and interactive purposes. With the help of this adaptable signage program, businesses can showcase material that sparks genuine interest in various settings, including universities, retail, healthcare facilities, etc.


It addresses various marketing needs with a high-quality digital kiosk that can be effectively installed and managed. Our team at Aristo Star Dubai UAE can design, manufacture, and install digital signage solutions based on PixlView to meet unique needs including interactive digital kiosks, LED video walls, and campaign management systems. It can be centrally managed to ensure that the appropriate content is displayed on the screen depending on the time of day or season.


In addition to our digital signage solutions, we provide queue management systems, meeting room management software, and more. Contact our in-house experts today!

PixIView Digital Signage Solutions Advantages

Cloud-Based System

Businesses can educate, engage, and communicate with their audience using PixlView, our cloud-based digital signage software. It offers businesses complete, real-time access to efficient display management.

Superior Quality Displays

Whatever your requirements are for digital signage, we can supply top-notch indoor and outdoor LCD & LED displays. We guarantee exceptional picture quality by utilizing recent digital technologies to display full-screen, HD format content.

Simple Management

PixlView promotes itself as a feature-rich platform for display signage and offers great adaptability and reliability to meet needs. With little effort, centrally manage any number of screens and content.

Our Digital Signage UAE Solutions


Campaign Management

The Signage Manager organizes varied content with an easy-to-use web-based interface, including scripts, messages, images, and videos. Users can also manage multiple display units with flexible scheduling in real time.


Indoor Displays

PixIView has a large selection of indoor displays. Regardless of size or resolution, we can provide indoor digital signage solutions that suit your goals. The contemporary design of our digital signage options allows for placement in various places and service points, including product shelves and displays. It provides a fantastic opportunity to interact with clients.


Cascaded LED Displays

Our multi-monitor LED systems facilitate enhanced media projection at various venues for events or outdoor advertising campaigns. PixIView LED Walls are made of numerous LED panels that work together to dazzle onlookers with vibrant, dynamic material on enormous digital signs. LED super screens are the largest indoor/outdoor screens in any size or configuration, making them perfect for setting your brand apart from competitors and businesses.


Outdoor Signage and
Window Displays

Our digital signage systems offer excellent visibility in any lighting condition. Use films, graphics, and bold colors to convey your message and grab the attention of your audience day or night. Graphic information excites and engages customers in store windows or other high-traffic locations, increasing conversions and walk-ins. When window displays are protected by glass, they can safely display advertisements every day of the year.


Interactive Displays

Our digital kiosks can help users engage with their audience in unique and engaging ways. Built using commercial-grade components, our high-resolution 43”, 49” & 55” display kiosks are well-suited for any retail and customer service environment. With interactive digital solutions, customers may browse product listings even when the store is closed.