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Meeting Room Booking and Management Software

Ensure that your valuable workspace is fully utilized, and no meeting space is left empty, and all employees can effortlessly find a place to work and collaborate. PixlMeet™ is a sophisticated meeting room booking system and management solution that assists every organization and workspace to utilize their in-house resources effectively. It is designed to avoid confusion, related hassles, and to-and-forth communication and instead allocates the available meeting rooms seamlessly.

PixlMeet™ not only helps in eliminating the majority of the productivity-related problems within a workplace, but it also helps in maximizing space utilization. Designed to deliver a feature-rich and simple-to-use experience, PixlMeet™ can be installed on any networked PC or server and provide complete control over all its features. The software can also be integrated with Outlook, and as such, employees’ can effortlessly check their colleagues’ availability and look for a room that’s free when they are, all in a single view. To learn more about our conference room reservation system or related products such as queue management systems, get in touch with our team today!

The PixlMeet™ Advantage


Whether you need to reserve meeting rooms and related resources in advance or book a room in real-time, PixlMeet™ delivers ease-of-use and clear utilization visibility to maximize your room usage.


Flexible, adaptable, and scalable, PixlMeet™ can be designed to incorporate all your business processes and enable swift and effortless meeting room management that demands minimal administration.


Whether it is to manage your available resource, monitor their usage, or view the daily tasks, our meeting room reservation system can handle all the available conference rooms through one streamlined platform.

Touch Screens

With our conference room manager, benefit from a wide range of flexible and sleek touch screen options that can be integrated seamlessly with Outlook calendar systems.

Why Your Office Needs a Meeting Room Reservation System

A well-designed meeting room reservation system will detect and prevent users from booking rooms that already have meetings. Our meeting room booking solution is designed to streamline the entire process of booking meetings by taking out the guesswork and manual effort. Listed are some of the core features of our meeting room booking software:

  • Book conference rooms on the go.
  • View individual room features so that you can choose the right one for your meeting.
  • Pass-on meeting details to all concerned parties through software integration with Outlook, Gmail, Skype, and more.
  • Get real-time updates about available rooms.



Advanced Calendar Integration

Scheduling can be easily done on the display or calendar. Supports G-Suite, Microsoft Exchange, Office 365