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Customer Satisfaction Survey System

To stay ahead of the competition, businesses need to continuously monitor and improve the quality of their existing products and services. PixlCFS™ is a robust customer feedback system that augments customer experience and satisfaction giving businesses better results and transparency over their services through accurate and timely feedback. Not only will PixlCFS™ deliver results against actionable metrics such as NPS and CSAT, but it will also help organizations identify the metrics that positively differentiates them from their competitors.

The customer feedback kiosk is suited for a wide range of locations including restaurants and cafes, events and exhibitions, and retail outlets. A customized solution is offered by first understanding the current and future customer feedback challenges and then developing a roadmap to overcome them. To learn more about our customer feedback system or related products such as a queue management system, send us an inquiry today!

The PixlCFS™ Advantage

Multi-segment Feedback

Measure customer experience at every touch-point through a multi-channel feedback system. Get valuable insights using parameters, including text, rating, choice, and demographics.

Real-time Dashboard

Get instant alerts as soon as you receive negative feedback and respond to customer grievances instantly. It will help you to limit bad reviews and improve overall customer satisfaction.


Find out why your customers are happy or not, and act on their feedback. Our customer feedback survey system enables businesses to improve satisfaction, retention, and loyalty by using comparative analysis.

Physical Survey Kiosks

Customer feedback touch-screen kiosks are proven to attract a much higher volume of feedback and larger sample sizes than traditional feedback methods.


Robust feedback at every customer touchpoint.

Intuitive touch screen at every stage of the customer journey to get a 360 degree understanding your customer’s experiences.