Aristostar in Association with Uninand offers Queue Management System and Customer Engagement Solution with over hundreds of installations across UAE and other countries.

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What is a Queue Management System?

The Queaxis by Aristo Star is a state-of-the-art smart queue management system designed to streamline business operations across various industries in Dubai and across the UAE. Its primary function is to minimize the frustrating waiting time for customers in long lines, ensuring they receive prompt and satisfactory service. Additionally, it serves as an effective advertising tool, enabling clients to cross-sell through digital signage and creating a pleasant atmosphere for visitors in the waiting area.

With our efficient queuing system and innovative queue management solutions, we aim to enhance the operational efficiency of any workplace, optimize customer journeys, and improve the overall experience of both customers and employees. Send an inquiry or call us now for more details about our queue management system. Let Queaxis by Aristo Star transform your business operations and customer experience.

Principles Behind Expert Queuing System in Dubai

Queaxis is built on the fundamental principle of first come, first serve and is supported by robust and effective queue system software. This software expertly manages customer flow, reduces waiting times, and minimizes congestion across various work environments, including retail stores, banks, hospitals, and government offices.

The Queaxis Advantage

Unlimited Services

Our customer queue management system is renowned for its exceptional performance, quality, value, and innovative solutions. Queaxis enhances the efficiency of service counters, allowing staff to focus more on delivering high-quality service.

24/7 Accessibility

Aristo Star's queue system in Dubai and the UAE eliminates the need for customers to endure long waits. Operating seamlessly around the clock, it ensures uninterrupted service and convenience for all customers.

Integrated Touchpoints

Queaxis is a comprehensive visitor management system with token dispensers and smart digital kiosks. These integrated touchpoints streamline customer flow and enhance brand awareness by delivering engaging digital content to clientele.

How Does It Work?

Visitor management system Dubai

Our Queue Management Solutions

token queue management system

Token Queue Management System

ARRIVAL: Ticket Issuance
Our ticket dispenser machine efficiently manages customers and visitors by issuing them a ticket upon arrival. This streamlines the registration process, making it quick and smooth.


WAITING: Digital Information Display
The web-based digital signage provides queue information alongside targeted messages to customers, ensuring they stay informed and engaged while waiting.

Smart queue management system

Smart Queue Management System

SERVING: Calling Unit
Customer service agents can easily call customers using our versatile calling system, which operates on PCs, tablets, and phones. The layouts can be customized to meet specific client requirements and are available in hardware and software versions.


FEEDBACK: Customer Satisfaction Surveys
Our system includes a feedback mechanism that allows customers to provide immediate feedback on their service experience. This valuable input helps businesses continuously improve service quality and customer satisfaction.

Benefits of Our Queue Management System

Our visitor management system offers numerous advantages, including:

  • Streamlined Queues: Keep queues organized and reduce waiting times for a better customer experience.
  • Efficient Staff Management: Optimize the deployment and productivity of your in-house staff.
  • Enhanced Conversion Rates: Evaluate and improve conversion rates by analyzing queue data and customer interactions.
  • Customer Insights: Gain valuable insights into customer behavior and trends.
  • Optimized Layout: Optimize store layout based on customer flow and interaction patterns.
  • Strategic Planning: Confidently plan for future changes and growth using data-driven insights.

Industries We Serve


Customers expect seamless and hassle-free shopping experiences online and in physical stores in today’s fast-paced world. Retailers can meet these high expectations by implementing a smart queue management system. This helps them understand and strategically manage the customer journey, catering to diverse needs and enhancing overall satisfaction.


Healthcare centers face the daily challenge of delivering high-quality care within a limited timeframe and with constrained resources. Implementing a queue management system in hospitals streamlines the process, creating a welcoming and efficient environment. This improves the patient experience and helps healthcare providers manage their services more effectively.


Customer service quality and experience are crucial KPIs in the banking industry. Failure to meet customer expectations can quickly lead to customer attrition. By employing an electronic queuing system, banks in Dubai and the UAE can significantly enhance efficiency and service quality without incurring additional costs, thereby improving customer satisfaction and loyalty.

Government Offices

Government offices and departments benefit immensely from using a token queue management system. It accelerates service delivery, ensures effective resource allocation, and maintains security. Additionally, it provides valuable data and analytics on service demand and customer preferences, enabling better decision-making and resource planning.

How to Implement a Queue Management System?

Implementing a queue management system with Aristo Star involves several key steps to ensure seamless integration. Here’s a concise guide to help you through the process:

Identify Your Business Needs

The functions of a queue management system vary across different organizations. Begin by thoroughly identifying your needs with the supplier. List all your services, distinguishing between those offered and those performed. This will help tailor the system to your specific requirements.

Walk the Customer Journey

Experience your customer journey firsthand to detect gaps and identify where solutions can be implemented. This hands-on approach will reveal crucial touchpoints for improvement.

Set Clear Objectives

Agree on clear objectives and expectations with your queue management system supplier. Define acceptable wait times for each queue and configure the system accordingly. This ensures high quality, cost savings, and effective timing during implementation.

Test the System Before Launch

Once the software is configured and hardware installed, test the system thoroughly. Ensure it meets your objectives and amend any inefficiencies before full-scale deployment.

Develop the Right Skill Sets

Proper training is essential. Ensure your employees are introduced to the software and develop the necessary skills. Request comprehensive training from your supplier to maximize the system’s value.

Evaluate and Refine

Continuously evaluate the system’s performance. Ensure it meets your needs and objectives. Maintain a close dialogue with your supplier to refine and enhance the system.