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Queue Management System Dubai

Long queues can be frustrating for customers, but if managed well, they can be an opportunity to improve customer experience and profitability. If you are on the lookout for a queue management system in Dubai that would fit your peculiar requirement, then the search ends here. As a visitor management system, Queaxis® Hybrid™ is a branch level solution that can work in all kinds of environments regardless of the nature of workflow. It can also serve as a medium of advertising where clients would be able to cross-sell through digital signage, making the waiting area a more welcoming environment for their customers.

Queaxis® follows the basic principle behind queue management systems, which is to quantify queue demand at any given time and inform staff in real-time. It is an ideal solution where service demands require flexibility and real-time management. The queue system revolves around organizing, engaging, and decreasing the waiting time. Whether it is to manage a single branch or a distributed enterprise network, our queue management system will help to provide an enhanced experience to customers and employees at retail stores, banks, hospital, and government offices. To learn more about Queaxis® queue management system, or to place an inquiry, get in touch with our team today!

The Queaxis® Advantage

Unlimited Services

Synonymous with performance, quality, value, and innovative solutions, our visitor management system enables efficient handling of service counters and allows staff to utilize more of their value and time in raising the service quality.

24/7 Operational

In addition to creating an environment where customers will not have to wait in long queues, the queue management system is designed to work round-the-clock and ensure seamless operation without any inconvenience.

Integrated Touchpoints

As an integrated queue management system, complete with token dispensers and smart digital kiosks, it can not only help in organizing and managing customer flow in the service area, but it can also help in promoting brand awareness by displaying rich digital content targeted to your customers.

Visitor management system Dubai

Our Queue Management Solutions

token queue management system

Ticket Dispenser

Our ticket dispensing machine will help you to solve the never-ending challenge of managing customers and visitors at the point of arrival. Not only can our ticket dispenser machine facilitate an environment where customers would feel more welcome, but it can also smoothen the process of visitor registration and entry through proper ticketing.


Digital Signage

Take advantage of customer waiting time by providing them with valuable queue information along with targeted messages. The web-based digital signage interface is powered with PixlView which supports live TV and HTML content.

Smart queue management system
Que management

Calling Unit

Customer Service Agents can call customers through the calling unit which works on PCs, tablets, and phones and is available as both hardware and software. Layouts can be customized according to the needs of the client.

Benefit of Queue Management Systems

Queue management systems, in general, can be defined as efficient systems that help to cut down on customer waiting time and improve their overall experience. Apart from the obvious benefit of keeping queues organized, an efficient queuing or visitor management system can also improve customer loyalty. Listed are some of the most significant benefits of introducing a queue management system at your retail environment:

  • Keep queues organized;
  • Organize in-house staff more efficiently;
  • Evaluate and improve conversion rates;
  • Understand customer behavior and trends;
  • Optimize store layout;
  • Plan for future changes with confidence.