Aristostar in Association with Uninand offers Queue Management System and Customer Engagement Solution with over hundreds of installations across UAE and other countries.

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Token and Ticket Dispensing System

Self-Service Ticket machines and dispensers enable customers to independently enqueue themselves and avail the service offered at the customer service location. They come in a variety of sizes and colors based on the requirement of the business service center. The ticket machines come with various hardware plugins that allow it to accept an array of input options and perform multiple functions including issuing a ticket. Customer service personnel can reduce their workload in receiving and enqueuing patients and instead focus on delivering a better customer experience. The ticket machines can issue both physical and digital tickets that the customers can use to be guided throughout their journey.

Our Ticket and Token Dispenser Features

Plug & Play

Setup in minutes. Easy to install and Configure.

Robust Ticket Generation

Customers can get their tickets immediately on service selection.

Elegant Design

Industrial grade design enables it to operate 24/7.

Add-ons and Integrations

Additional input modules like readers and printers can be added.

Benefits of Ticketing Systems

Ticket management systems can increase the productivity of the customer service operations by reducing the workload on staff and empowering customers by reducing their waiting time through self-service. It greatly helps in automating the process flow by issuing automated tickets. In short, such ticket dispensers and token machines can help the customer service team to take a hands-off approach to manage customer flow.

Increase Customer Loyalty

Customers get a better experience through faster response rates and ease of choice while availing the service.

Enhance Brand Image

Ticket kiosks offer an edge in terms of brand retention due to their elegant look and technological capabilities.

Save Time and Money

The business saves a significant amount of time and costs due to reduced staff requirements and manual administration to attend to customers.

Increase Operational Efficiency

Boost productivity and efficiency in terms of resource utilization and staff allocation. Optimize the customer journey through an automated process that better manages customers.